Tuesday, August 02, 2005

No Activities till september 15th !!!!

Monday, July 18, 2005

ISKRA - My dreams!!

Every single effort must have a vision before it. Ayn Rand says, for the first step down the new road, you need to be armed with nothing other than Vision. And to accomplish a great thing, the first step is to dream and visualise the dream. We all dream of India to be a great nation, a place to live with peace and high standards. Yet, most of us never know what has to be done to achieve it. What is the plan? This has to be the question once you have dreamt of something.
Before that, let me put down some of the dreams I hold for ISKRA, which would be ofcourse revised as the idea unfolds.

I dream of ISKRA to be a place for people with variety of intrests on nation's development to discuss and criticise ideas. The outcome of the discussion should be a plan of action on a particular issue. A vision without action will remain a dream and a action without a vision will take you nowhere. I dream of having people in the group with the gift of inspiring words to write up articles based on that plan of action, which will then be circulated through emails to our fellow indians. I wish to call them What has to be done?. I dream of those writings to be based on successful past models or born out of our own creativity, to better educate the people with our current condition and where we are heading to, and what is each person's role in that. I dream of ISKRA to serve as a platform for motivated people to publish their ideas through articles which will reach a major population of Indian Internet users.

I dream of this concept to be based on the successful model of the real ISKRA - the russian newspaper. When i am saying this, i am referring only to the model but not the communist and socialist concepts of the real ISKRA. I dream of developing ISKRA as a newsletter and later to a website which will provide a variety of resources to those intrested ones, which will be very high as per my dream.

There is a line between dream and vision, which is very thin. All these times i am talking about my dreams, my dreams alone will not make ISKRA's vision, it will be a mixture of dreams of people visiting here. Vision for ISKRA will be formed as soon as people start coming in and with their involvement only. If you have read the blog this far, i urge you to be a member of this blog, because it is your dream that will help formulate the Vision for ISKRA. Just leave your email address in the comments, i will send a invitation for this blog, after which you can start posting, i mean share your dreams.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

ISKRA - the eternal Spark!

Iskra - the spark, as everyone knows was the newspaper started by russian marxist activists in 1900 headed by the great leader of the century, Lenin. Lenin, in 1896 realised the extreme potential of Russia which wasnot exploited, rather than saying not exploited we can say the growth was slow. That is how he claims in his book 'Development of Capitalism in Russia'.


That was during the turn of last century, and we are already in 21st century.............In India, everyone talks about the 8% economic growth, which we sustain till 2020 we can overtake UK, but how about the per capita income? Has the standard of life of our people going to change drastically because of this? What does the 7200+ sensex brings to an ordinary man in India?
What vision does our nation's leader have about the future of that 'ordinary indian' ? This is nothing against anyone..........being just another indian thinking about oneself only and commenting ' politicians are corrupt', is not going to bring changes and many of us will not wish to stay as such. As an india, we are happy for the 8% growth , but is that sustainable (Which is already down to 6.6%)........what is the vision 'what we are going to do with the 8% growth' for the future? Is that vision shared or communicated to what was reffered to ordinary indian? Does he know what he should do to improve his standard of life as well as the country's?

Iskra - in 1900 was published from Munich, Germany and distributed to the worker class in Russia. It was where the socialist seeds for Russia was sown by various socialist writers.

For Indian Iskra - we have a great medium of communication. No single person can make a change and if internet can be used for this purpose, people like us, 'Ordinary men(like me), economists, technologists, scientists, management people and everyone' can discuss and develop ideas, which can be then communicated.

I am broadcasting my first message sitting from my small room,but i dont know how far this will reach and I cannot think of any starting point, ideas are welcome.............

Iskra - spark has begun, yet to burn bright!!!